"Crowns and Onlays can now be preformed in a Single visit, usually in about an hour. This procedure provides a cosmetically pleasing tooth colored restoration, and best of all requires NO TEMPORARY CROWNS!!"

CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) system is the computerized state of the art technology that allows fabrication of a metal free, all ceramic restoration with the hardness as close to the tooth substance as available. With the CEREC machine, we can be able to provide the same day service to all our porcelain restoration such as crowns, inlays and onlays, with the quality that should last a lifetime.

The fit of the CEREC restoration is equivalent or better compared to that from the commercial lab. The margin integrity is excellent, as shown with the health of the gingival tissue next to the restoration. Long term observation of the marginal gingiva shows no redness, change of color (to slight blue or purple as in the case or porcelain fused to metal crown), gingival recession, or roll, round, and bulbous in texture. Computer aided designed (CAD) restoration allowed for precision and accuracy of the porcelain margin.

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